These Wonderful Things

I am a retired biology teacher, author, illustrator, and owner of "These Wonderful Things". I paint all the animals and I’m adding to my collection of over 300 paintings. Because of my love of animals, especially the endangered, I’m saving as many as I can in my paintings.

Bringing awareness of our planet’s most vulnerable - the animals and children is my main goal. TWT’s “Let’s Go To The Zoo” is free for anyone interested in learning about animals. Currently, there are two related parts to my store - “Let’s Go To The Zoo” and the Gift Shop. Coming soon is a series of tiny children’s hardcovered books written and illustrated only for TWT about animals and children. Plus, I’ll add different US Zoos showing their methods of protecting endangered species. My goal for the future is to donate to programs working to save/protect animals and children, for example zoos, food pantries, and other related programs.